The Best Equipment for Live & Dry Blood Analysis

Brightfield and Darkfield Microscopes Specially Developed for Live Blood Analysis

  • Developed by the global leaders in naturopathic microscopy according to our unique specifications.
  • Includes all the necessary features to allow every single live and dry blood anomaly to be clearly detected.
  • Manufactured in Japan from high-quality optics.
  • Powerful light source to allow for proper analysis of live blood in darkfield.
  • Wide magnification range to accommodate live and dry blood analysis.
  • Durable, rugged, low-maintenance design.
  • Simple to use.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS.
  • Full support by our experienced microscope expert.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Free global shipping.

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    Avoid making costly mistakes.

    Not all darkfield microscopes are suitable for analysing live blood in darkfield. Most standard darkfield microscopes are not powerful enough to show all the darkfield anomalies in live blood. They either do not have a strong enough light source, the wrong type of condenser, low quality objectives, an unsuitable camera, or all of the above. In these cases you will have no idea what you’re not seeing and your analysis will not be accurate. Avoid making costly mistakes by choosing the system developed by the global leaders in live blood analysis.

    What our clients are saying:

    After struggling to get my (brand) microscope to work, and not being able to see anything in darkfield, I decided to try your microscope at Carerra’s practice in Vancouver. I had to ask why hav I been struggling for so long with this ridiculous (brand) microscope. Your is just so easy to operate and clear. Lesson learnt. I can’t wait to receive my new microscope so I can start seeing the things that I’ve been learning about in the course.

    Kim J


    I would like to thank Dr Okker for the clear and simple to follow instructions on getting the microscope set up, and for his support. It was much easier than I had anticipated. Having worked on a colleague’s microscope in the past, I can definitely say that this microscope is much better. It is clear and being able to save pictures to my computer is great for keeping records of what I’ve seen.



    I really love my new microscope! It is so easy to use and the picture is very clear. I have hooked up my camera to a large screen and my clients love being able to see their blood so clearly. I’m looking forward to spending many hours behind this microscope.



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