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  • Learn how to add this powerful technique to your practice.
  • Learn how to use this technique to its full potential.
  • Study from the comfort of your own home at your own pace.
  • The only fully comprehensive course on the subject, with information drawn from all the leading researchers in the field.
  • No other course offers as much information and detail, plus a huge database of images and videos as well as charts.
  • Access to the course materials through Digital Chalk LMS (learning management system), a professional learning management system for e-learning courses.
  • CMA Accredited Course.
  • Global leaders in the field.
  • Tutor with nearly 20 years’ experience in teaching and practicing live blood analysis.

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    How Live Blood Analysis will benefit you

    “This is the single most effective tool I’ve ever implemented in my practice. With live blood analysis I was able to go from not knowing where some of my clients’ symptoms were coming from, to being able to pinpoint the exact underlying cause of their symptoms. It has allowed me to gain unparalleled insight into the hidden imbalances and deficiencies that allow disease and symptoms to develop, and to share these insights with my clients in an interactive and visual way. I am able to determine the best way to address these issues, and to monitor the effectiveness of any protocol. This process has made it simple to keep my clients motivated and to encourage long-term healthy lifestyle changes. I am thankful that I am able to share my knowledge with our course attendees so that our attendees, as well as their clients, can benefit from this powerful tool.”

    – Dr Okker Botha, Neogenesis Systems

    The Neogenesis Live & Dry Blood Analysis Training Course will teach you:

    • How to properly take and prepare samples for live and dry blood analysis
    • How to identify the correct part of the sample to use for analysis
    • The correct technique for viewing live blood samples in brightfield and darkfield
    • The correct technique for viewing dry blood samples
    • Using your microscope for live and dry blood analysis
    • All the components of the blood, their functions, and how to identify them
    • How to identify all the anomalies in live and dry blood samples
    • All the implications from all the leading researchers associated with each anomaly
    • How the anomalies develop in the blood and what they mean
    • Specific proven herbal, nutritional, and naturopathic protocols to address each anomaly
    • How often to follow up for re-evaluations
    • When you might need to refer
    • Specific dietary changes to implement in specific cases
    • How to write a professional report for your clients

    What our clients are saying:

    I want to thank both of you for your excellent live blood analysis training course. I’m pretty sure it’s the best course of its kind on the planet. I enjoyed every minute of it and I’m sure I will return and review parts of it in the future. Even without a microscope, your course contains wonderfully useful information.

    Dr G


    I would like to thank you and Dr Okker very much for making this course so thorough and understandable. I appreciate your knowledge and in showing us how to connect the dots in the Live blood cell sample with the signs in the Dry Blood Cell sample. All of this is so exciting!!!



    I just want to congratulate you and the doctor for putting together an excellent system to learn this most valuable science of live blood cell analysis. I’m happy that I choose this live blood analysis online training course because there were several options that I was looking at. Thank you again.

    Donald E. Harris