Optical Zoom Lens with 2.5X Objective

Optical Zoom Lens with 2.5X Objective


Add this Optical Zoom Lens for microscope cameras to completely transform your dry blood imaging.

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One of the most important features of the NGS-2020 series of microscopes is the additional magnification in the trinocular tube, which produces 40X higher magnification on the viewing screen than through the eyepieces. This additional on-screen magnification is ideal in a live blood analysis microscope as it allows the user to achieve a higher level of magnification on the screen with a normal dry 40X objective (1600X) than what is achieved with a 100X oil objective (1000X) in other standard systems. This also enables the user to achieve a total magnification of 4000X with the 100X oil objective, ideal for advanced darkfield analysis.

The main trade-off with this configuration is that the additional on-screen magnification produces too high a level of magnification for dry blood imaging. The user is not able to see the same large field of view on the screen as what can be seen through the eyepieces. This can now be overcome with the optical zoom lens and 2.5X objective.

Due to the large size of layers 1 and 2 in dry blood analysis, it won’t be possible to fit these layers entirely into the viewing screen. However, a much larger portion of these layers will be visible with the optical zoom lens and 2.5X objective, and in most cases layers, 4-8 will fit entirely into the screen. The adjustable zoom allows the user to increase the magnification in live blood analysis, thereby maintaining the additional on-screen magnification of the NGS-2020 series microscopes.


  • 2.5X Plan achromatic objective
  • Optical zoom lens & adaptor