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Since 2001 Neogenesis Systems has been sourcing health analysis equipment from leading manufacturers across the world.

What we do:

Our aim is to help you make the most of your natural health practice by giving you the tools you need to:

  • Assess your clients more accurately,
  • Motivate them during the course of treatment,
  • And monitor their progress more efficiently.

Our equipment will give you the edge you need to take your practice to the next level.

Our Top 5 Products


Live Blood Analysis Equipment - Health Analysis Equipment
Live Blood Analysis Training - Health Analysis Equipment
Iridology Sclerology Equipment - Health Analysis Equipment
Microcirculation Systems - Health Analysis Equipment
Metatron Hunter Scanner - Health Analysis Equipment

Neogenesis Systems was started by Dr Okker Botha, after exploring various techniques and equipment to improve his understanding of his patients’ health at a cellular level. With a passion for natural medicine, nutrition and helping people improve their health, Dr Botha studied the analysis of live and dry blood and later pioneered this technique in South Africa. Since compiling the most comprehensive training manual on this subject, and training hundreds of practitioners worldwide, Neogenesis has become the undisputed global leader in live blood analysis.

“We pride ourselves in the fact that we have built lasting business relationships with all of our clients. It’s very important to us that our clients are treated as people and that they benefit from our expertise. We have invested much time and research in finding the most reliable, quality products that we can confidently endorse with our 2 year, manufacturer-independent guarantee. We’ve done the groundwork so our clients don’t fall prey to the pitfalls in buying equipment.” 

– Dr Okker Botha, Neogenesis Systems