Neogenesis Health Products

Health Products of Distinction

Neogenesis Health ProductsNeogenesis Health Products has developed a wide range of powerful natural medicines to correct the imbalances in the biological terrain. Our focus is on creating unique, cutting edge products that are organic, pure and effective.



10 important reasons why our tinctures are so special:

  1. All our tinctures are between 1:3 and 1:5 extract strength, compared to the 1:10 tinctures that are commercially available. This makes our formulations 2-3 times stronger, ensuring high potency and efficacy.
  2. Extracted in a base of Solé water + ethanol.
  3. Enhanced and energised by the addition of concentrated ionic trace minerals. Solé water and ionic minerals form a powerful alkaline base and transport system.
  4. Specifically formulated to successfully address the most prevalent live and dry blood anomalies.
  5. Tested over time in live blood patients to ensure the most effective combination of ingredients.
  6. Formulas are comprehensive and multi-angled as treatments on their own, but can also be combined successfully in protocols.
  7. Only the highest quality and organic botanical derivatives are used in our products, sourced from reputable suppliers across the world, including many grown organically on our partner farm.
  8. Control of freshness, potency & formulation. Freshness of the herb is of prime importance to the quality of the final tincture. Our tinctures are made with the freshest organically grown, wild-crafted herbs. The correct interaction of menstruum (mixture of pure ethyl-alcohol and water) with the herb assures the tincture’s potency and efficacy.
  9. Purity: There are no additives, preservatives, fillers and other unnecessary ingredients in our tinctures. Check the labels of capsules and tablets and you will find fillers, binders and other synthetic materials.
  10. Synergy of ingredients: A true formula as a tincture delivers a greater healing power than a single herb.



Why NeoFlora should be your probiotic of choice:

  • 30 Billion biologically-active probiotic bacteria per daily dose. Many other probiotics contain only 5 billion bacteria per dose.
  • A live culture of probiotic bacteria in a natural growth medium. Many other probiotics are in a freeze-dried spore stage. If the conditions in the stomach don’t support their germination, the probiotic bacteria will die and the colonies will not adhere properly to the gut lining and proliferate.
  • Fortified with Humic & Fulvic Acids to assist with alkalinity, immunity and trace mineral.


Mineral Concentrate

Unlike any other trace mineral formula, Bio-Ionic Mineral Concentrate is a ground-breaking product that has a wide therapeutic range and a powerful effect on over-acidity.

10 Important Therapeutic Benefits of the Formula:

  1. Highly alkaline-forming
  2. Wide therapeutic and healing spectrum
  3. Powerful remineralizing and alkalizing effects
  4. Every single trace mineral under the sun
  5. All 12 biochemic tissue salts
  6. Fulvic acid mineral concentrate
  7. Rapid impact on blood pathologies
  8. Scalar energy patterns for health and vitality
  9. Can be taken on a daily basis, long term with no negative side effects
  10. No interactions and contraindications



What makes our capsules so effective?

  1. Industry-leading 40:1 herbal extracts, equivalent to 4000mg raw herb per capsule! This ensures a superior level of active ingredients and the highest degree of efficacy.
  2. Organically grown in SA
  3. Cultivation and production process fully controlled by Neogenesis Health, from seed to capsule.
  4. Full-spectrum extract by means of a proprietary extraction process – no toxic solvents and chemicals used during extraction.
  5. We use the correct strains, cultivation and harvesting processes to ensure superior strength and yield of active ingredients.
  6. 100% PURE – No pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, fertilizers.
  7.  No binders, gluten, yeast, sugar, egg, soya, glidants, cellulose, nuts, artificial preservatives or colourants.
  8. Alkalised with 90 Ionic trace minerals + fulvic acid to enhance absorption.
  9. Grown, Processed and Manufactured with Love and Care.



A powerful immune modulator, anti-inflammatory and detox product with years of documented research

5 Important Benefits of Humic Acid

  1. Immunity: Humic acid is a powerful ‘immune modulator’. Research has shown significant benefit in immune compromised patients and those with chronic or recurring infections.
  2. Inflammation: Potent anti-inflammatory supplement for any type of inflammation, including arthritis, rheumatism, gastritis, pancreatitis, eczema / dermatitis, etc.
  3. Detoxification: Humic acid possesses powerful detoxifying properties, able to effectively eliminate heavy metals, chemical and industrial toxins through chelation.
  4. Fertilizer for Intestinal Flora: Promotes the rapid proliferation of probiotic bacteria in the digestive system.
  5. Organic Mineral Supplement: Provides a wide-spectrum combination of bio-available macro- and micro-nutrients, essential trace elements and alkaline minerals.

Humic Acid has been shown to:

  • Provide required macro- and micro minerals, electrolytes and amino acids
  • Balance, restore and rejuvenate cellular life while boosting the immune system
  • Increase circulation and endurance
  • Act as a catalyst for enzymatic reactions
  • Assimilate nutrients from food or supplements
  • Oxygenate the blood and protect against free radical damage
  • Support and balance the respiratory, reproductive, digestive, circulatory, musculoskeletal, nervous, lymphatic, endocrine & excretory systems.


Transdermal Patches

5 Reasons why trans-dermal delivery is superior to oral supplementation

  1. Better Absorption: Studies have shown that it takes at least 100mg delivered orally to equal a 10mg dose delivered by a trans-dermal time-release patch. Or to put it another way, patches deliver 10 times the dosage that comparable oral supplements deliver!
  2. No First-Pass Effect: Patch delivery bypasses the harsh conditions of the digestive system that degrades and destroys much of the original nutrient value of the supplement. Instead of having to withstand exposure to stomach acids, bile, enzymes and degradation by the liver, the active ingredients in our trans-dermal patches are absorbed directly into the bloodstream.
  3. Instant Direct-To-Bloodstream Delivery: Dietary supplements delivered by patches start to enter the bloodstream as soon as the patch is applied, as compared to a 2 to 4-hour delay with supplements taken orally. The ability of the digestive tract to absorb efficiently does not impact the absorption of active ingredients delivered via the skin.
  4. Time-Release Delivery: The time-release function of the patch optimizes the benefits of the dietary supplement formula by delivering optimized dosage levels over a 24-hour period. When an oral supplement is absorbed into the bloodstream the body often excretes a large percentage of it as the full dose, delivered at once, is considered unnaturally high by the body.
  5. More Convenient: What could be easier than applying a patch before bedtime and taking it off before bedtime the following day, instead of remembering to take multiple pills daily? Most oral supplements need to be taken in the mornings, some before breakfast, some after breakfast and some more than once a day. Who has the time to fit this complicated regimen into their busy daily schedule?


Vitamin C

Specially formulated for children!

Ester-C® is a patented immune health formula. Designed to stay in your white blood cells (exactly where it is needed) for 24 hours. Now this gentle and effective form of vitamin C is available as a convenient, palatable effervescent tablet for children!

Ester-C® is renowned for:

  • 24-Hour Immune Support
  • Non-Acidic form of vitamin C
  • Patented formula produced by the patent holders in Germany
  • Better absorption than normal vitamin C and retained for longer in the system