Live Blood Analysis Training

Want to learn how to use live blood analysis to its full potential?

Our course is the most comprehensive live blood course available and will teach you everything you need to know about analysing live and dry blood samples. If you want to become a qualified live blood analyst, there really is only one choice.

We currently have 2 Live Blood Analysis Training options:

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Complete Turnkey Live Blood Package

The most popular choice for those new to live blood analysis as it provides you with the best tools available to get your live blood analysis business off the ground. 

Combines our top of the range microscope system (the HDMI-LED + AOL microscope package) with our best training course (the 12-week LBA online course). Get fully-supported interactive training with the microscope that has the best features for live blood analysis.   

Get set up with the best turnkey live blood analysis package. This option combines our top of the range microscope system with our best training course to give you the best tools to make a success of live blood analysis.

(Clients based in South Africa will have their microscopes installed at their premises, while all our international clients receive free shipping by DHL.)

Join us for an intensive 12-week LBA webinar course

Voted the best way to learn live blood analysis by many of our past attendees, this combines the benefits of a classroom-type course with the convenience of online correspondence training.

Join us for our interactive 12-week LBA online webinar course, where you will be able to attend a live webinar every week presented by our course tutor, Dr Okker Botha, a qualified naturopathic practitioner with over 20 years hand-on experience with live & dry blood analysis in his own practice.

The course materials covered in the corresponding module are discussed during the lesson, with the opportunity for attendees to ask questions and discuss the subject matter. A recording is sent out after each webinar, so you will be able to listen to it as many times as you like.

Our live & dry blood analysis course is CMA (Complementary Medical Association – UK) accredited and includes certification. An interactive 12-week webinar course, where the course materials are discussed in detail each week.

The course materials include:

  • Access to the 12 weekly webinars
  • Recordings of the 12 webinars
  • Access to our online training materials and a USB flash drive, containing:
    • The complete Neogenesis Live & Dry Blood training manual
    • Instructional videos on all practical aspects of LBA (such as how to prepare a reliable live & dry blood sample; how to view the samples on your microscope using the correct settings for brightfield & darkfield; where one should look in a live sample for reliable results, and more)
    • Client questionnaire and disclaimer
    • Diets and health guidelines
    • Examples of blood analysis reports
    • Videos on live and dry blood analysis sampling
  • Live blood anomalies poster (A2 laminated)
  • Dry blood anomalies poster (A2 laminated)
  • Certification (CMA-accredited certificate issued upon completion of the course)
  • Ongoing email support.
  • Ongoing training via our private Facebook practitioner forum

Download course syllabus

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The easiest way to learn how to analyse live blood properly – guaranteed!

Why is this live and dry blood analysis course considered by many practitioners as the best in the world?

The reason is quite simple: it is the only course that has integrated all the current knowledge in this exciting field into one comprehensive manual. You won’t need to do many separate courses to learn the various perspectives from the different schools of thought in blood analysis, because we’ve already done that for you! Plus, the manuals are clearly illustrated, with detailed information on the correct identification of blood anomalies. The correct blood sampling techniques for both live and dry blood analysis is also described in meticulous detail. Under each anomaly we’ve listed specific natural treatment protocols that have been tried and tested in practice. These protocols include herbal and nutritional products, as well as dietary and lifestyle interventions.

Our live blood training course will teach you

  • The 7 things you should never do in a live blood practice
  • The history of live blood analysis, the science behind it and why it is one of the most important tests to evaluate your state of health
  • The type of microscope required to do blood analysis properly, the parts, use and maintenance of the microscope
  • The settings for analysing live blood in brightfield and darkfield, and dry blood in brightfield
  • The correct technique to take blood samples and how to prepare your samples for analysis
  • What you need to do to ensure that your sampling procedure is completely safe and that your samples will be an accurate representation of your client’s state of health
  • The concepts that are central to live blood analysis, such as the Biological Terrain and Latent Tissue Acidosis
  • The theory, history and significance of Pleomorphism
  • The normal components of live blood (RBCs, WBCs, etc), including how to identify them correctly, their functions and significance to blood analysis
  • How to evaluate live and dry blood samples
  • Live blood do’s and don’ts – practical advice for dealing with clients
  • Live blood anomalies, including their correct identification, significance to health, causes and how to correct them
  • Artifacts in live blood
  • Dry blood anomalies, including their correct identification, significance to health, causes and how to correct them
  • Artifacts in dried layered blood
  • Specific natural medicines that are especially helpful in correcting live blood conditions


Neogenesis Systems has established itself as the undisputed global leader in Live and Dry Blood Analysis training. Our blood analysis course is designed to teach you how to use blood analysis to its full potential. Most blood analysis courses only teach one researcher’s perspective. As a result, most blood analysis practitioners have a limited knowledge of what each anomaly in the blood may mean. They are drastically under-utilizing this amazing technique and often miss important opportunities to help their clients because they are unable to recognize morphologies in the blood.

Compiled by Dr Okker Botha, our course draws on information from the leading researchers in microscopic blood analysis in the world. The manuals are clearly illustrated, with detailed information on the correct blood sampling techniques for both live and dry blood analysis. With nearly 20 years’ experience in using blood analysis in his own practice, Dr Botha has developed a number of tried and tested, natural medicines for specific blood morphologies. These, along with proven dietary and lifestyle interventions, are described in the manual. Being able to accurately identify the anomalies in your clients’ blood is only one part of the analysis. You also have to know how to correct those anomalies. This is described in detail in the manual and is based on hundreds of years of collective clinical research.

We refer to the course as “integrated” as it offers a balanced view on all the various schools of thought in live blood analysis. It is not exclusively pleomorphic in its approach, but do cover pleomorphism according to Dr G. Enderlein, A. Bechamp and G. Naessens, as well as purely nutritional, naturopathic and allopathic perspectives. This gives you the best opportunity to choose the path that you are most comfortable with and the necessary information to understand blood morphologies in their entirety.

A certificate is issued after completion of the course. We ensure a high standard of training so that our practitioners are properly equipped to help guide their clients along their journey to better and long-lasting health.

What others are saying about our course:

This is by far the best material I’ve seen on the subject. Very well presented and easy to follow. It has all the detail without being too technical. Well done on a really great manual!

– Justin, Australia

I just wanted to send an email to tell you how highly impressed I am with the material for the online microscopy course you offer. The detail is amazing and the pictures are incredible. I have been searching for a course like this as I have a microscope but not a good training program. Love the fact that it is online as well.

– Kim, USA

First, let me say how very much I am enjoying the LBA course. Your timely questions and interjections never fail to shed light right where it’s needed, and Dr Okker’s remarkable ability to assimilate and address every aspect of student questions as we go along makes the learning process exceptionally satisfying and fruitful. You are both so attentive, and so articulate… and this elevates your course to something far beyond the ‘typical’ internet offerings. I feel privileged to be establishing such a firm foundation in this fascinating field.

– Andy, USA

Thank you and Dr Okker very much for the course. It has been very informative, well put together and better quality than other courses offered around here. I really enjoy the fact that now I have all the recordings and can go back to it to refresh or gain more depth in the subject.

– Jeffery, Canada

Thanks so much, I received the posters on time, they are fabulous, and I thoroughly enjoyed class one yesterday, very professional. You already have gone above and beyond the four-day class I took in Toronto, you are 5 star.

– Kim, Canada

Best money and time I have ever spent! Loved the course.

– Charlene, USA