NGS-2000 Dentistry Microscope

NGS-2000 Dentistry Microscope


Work with ease and realise your goals.

The NGS-2000 dentistry microscope by Neogenesis Systems will help you to deliver excellent surgical outcomes by enhancing your vision and allowing you to work comfortably. It is the ideal microscope for a busy dental practice, providing premium optical quality, durability, and superior ergonomic design. The addition of our full-HD high definition digital camera helps you to share visual information with your patient, and create comprehensive records.

An ideal partner in every dental speciality.

The combination of ergonomic design with superior optics and high magnification makes the NGS-2000 dentistry microscope the ideal partner in every dental speciality. The microscope’s features allow you to apply your skills in every aspect of dental surgery by providing you a crisp, clear magnified image.

NGS-2000 Dentistry Microscope
NGS-2000 Dentistry Microscope camera

A picture is worth a thousand words.

We live in an era of images and videos, and we have truly come to realise the power of being able to see clearly. Help your patients better understand their dentistry needs and procedures, and demonstrate the success of the procedures to them. This does a great deal for building trust and confidence with your patients.   

Allcam-2000 Digital Camera

  • Full-HD live video with still image and video capture function.
  • 1080P 60FPS digital camera.
  • Built-in 32G SD memory card.
NGS-2000 Dentistry Microscope

Adjustable binocular head

  • 0 – 180ºC adjustable to accommodate any position and working preference.
NGS-2000 Dentistry Microscope

Bright & clear images

  • Daylight temperature LED illumination.
  • 5 different illumination modes for optimal illumination in any clinical setting.
Ergonomic handling & magnification

Ergonomic handling & magnification

  • Ergonomic handles with thumb-adjustable magnification.
  • Head can be controlled with one hand to ensure ease of use.
NGS-2000 Dentistry Microscope

Neat, professional design

  • Cables routed internally for easy cleaning.
  • Close-fitting metal panels with minimal spaces between joints.


  • Power supply via 12v DC power adaptor to eliminate inherent risk with high voltage medical devices.
  • Power bank can be used as power source during power outages.

Microscopes designed for professionals.


  • Robust build quality.

  • Solid metal frame.

  • High-quality optical components.

  • Multi-coated optics to reduce light scattering and increase lens transparency.

  • Integrated iris diaphragm to eliminate excess light from the field of view.

  • All cables are routed internally for easy cleaning.

  • Specially designed ergonomic handles with thumb-adjustable magnification.

  • Focus and control of the head can be performed with only one hand to reduce workflow interruption.

  • Daylight temperature LED illumination with 5 different illumination modes, ensuring optimal illumination in any clinical setting.

  • Power supply via 12V power adaptor to eliminate the inherent risk associated with high-voltage medical devices.

  • .Power bank can be used during power outages

Optional Accessories

  • Further increase your convenience and comfort by the addition of the wireless foot switch and wireless video sender.
  • The wireless foot switch integrates with the Allcam-2000 digital camera to enable you to take still images and record videos without the need to interrupt your workflow – simply by using a convenient wireless foot control.
  • The wireless video sender eliminates the need for cables between the camera and monitor, leaving your clinic less cluttered. The live video feed from the camera is sent wirelessly to a monitor without compromising on video quality.
Wireless foot switch

Wireless foot switch

Wireless video sender

Wireless video sender

NGS-2000 Dentistry Microscope specifications


Eyepiece: 12.5X/18mm

Binocular Tube: 0-180° inclinable

Objective Lens: Variable objective lens 200-300mm

Integrated Camera: Optional Full-HD camera

Magnification: 2.46X – 20.3X

Illumination: LED ≥ 80,000 Lux

Colour temperature: 5700K

Three illumination area sizes (no filter): Small; Medium; Large

Two filters: Green + Yellow

Power Supply: 12V DC

Frame Size: First arm – 460mm; Second arm – 650mm; Length of arm – 1370mm

Size of Base: 580 x 580mm

Wall or Ceiling Mount: Optional

Camera Specifications

Sensor: 1/2″ SONY high-sensitivity and low noise CMOS

Resolution: HD 1080P 60fps (16:9)

Storage: Built-in 32G SD memory. USB flash drive can be mounted externally.

Data Format: Picture – JPEG; Video – MP4

Basic Functions: Freeze; photograph; video recording; automatic exposure; white balance; playback and cross curve

Image Effects: Exposure value; brightness; gain; red gain; blue gain; saturation; contrast; definition and HDR

Advanced Functions: Horizontal flip; vertical flip; zoom out; zoom in; AOI and image comparison

System Settings: Internal / external storage; automatic naming; show/hide rulers; system update and factory reset

PC Compatibility: Windows XP, WIN 7, WIN 8, WIN 10

Mobile Compatibility: Android; IOS

Optional Accessories: Wireless foot switch; Wireless video sender