Iridology / Sclerology Equipment

Capture high-quality iris images with a simple click of a button!

Iridology/SclerologyThis convenient hand-held device features a special “freeze-frame” function that makes taking crystal-clear, perfectly focused iris images a walk in the park. The iriscope plugs directly into a PC or laptop via a USB connection, allowing you to capture and save images on your computer for record keeping. Another unique feature is that it comes with a patient management system that helps you to easily manage your patient files.

Gone are the days of cumbersome, bulky iridology equipment. This compact, hand-held device is the most convenient iris camera on the market. Image focusing and light intensity are all adjusted on the handle, ensuring high-quality and patient comfort. The camera comes standard with advanced image storage and processing software. In addition, the software comes with a standard iridology chart overlay, simplifying your analysis process.


Iridology CameraThe software has in integrated magnifier, which allows you to enlarge parts of the iris for easier identification of iris signs. The software enables you as a practitioner to analyse the iris yourself and make notes of your relevant findings. Alternatively you can opt for the Auto-Scan package, where the software scans the iris and automatically generates an analysis report.

This camera can also be used for sclerology, without the need for additional lenses. A sclerology map is included with the software.

Key Points of Difference:

  1. Sourced from Japan, with high quality and reliable Japanese CCD sensor.
  2. Locally designed software to complement the iriscope, as opposed to the standard Chinese & Japanese software that has many bugs and lack many of the features.
  3. Complete patient management software
  4. Iridology chart overlay
  5. Iris Magnification Tool
  6. Simple 1 page iris report, with images and editable content
  7. Plugs directly into USB – no extra cables, transformers and boxes required
  8. Auto-Scan Iris Analysis software (optional)

Iriscope Specifications:

  1. Compact and attractive design
  2. Fast and high clarity image capture
  3. Definition and focus can easily be adjusted
  4. Simple and easy to operate
  5. Provide image for saving, printing or email
  6. Single or double light illumination
  7. LED cool Light source


Standard Components:

  1. Main body (electrical source commutator with connection for USB line)
  2. Dust-proof aluminium carry case
  3. Handset – Auto-Capture Vimicro CCD
  4. Iris lens 30X
  5. USB cable
  6. 1 Year warranty
  7. Iris lens lid

Software Features:

  1. Advanced image storage and processing
  2. Standard iridology chart iris overlay
  3. Patient management system
  4. Iris sign magnifier
  5. Generate 1 page iris report, which can be edited
  6. Slerology map

Iridology Software