Live Blood Analysis Equipment

Why our live blood analysis equipment is the best there is

Not all microscopes are created equally. Since we specialise in live blood analysis we know exactly what live blood analysis equipment specifications are needed in a live blood system. Our microscopes are manufactured in Japan to our own specifications, so there are no other systems that are exactly the same. If your microscope has not been supplied by us it’s likely that you won’t be able to detect everything that can be seen in the blood.

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Apart from the build quality of the microscope and it’s optical components.

These 3 factors set our systems apart from other microscopes:

1. Strength of the light source

We use 9W LED, equivalent to 100W halogen in the HDLED system, or 50W halogen in the ST50W system. Most regular microscopes use 20W halogen, so the light is simply not bright enough for darkfield.

2. Type of darkfield condenser

We use an oil immersion darkfield condenser. Cheaper systems usually use a ‘dry’ condenser that provides very poor image quality.

3. The “on-screen” magnification

Most microscopes are set up so that the magnification on the screen is the same as through the eyepieces. In live blood analysis we prefer to have higher magnification on the screen – up to 4X more than through the eyepieces. This means that when we use the 40X objective we have 400X through the eyepieces and 1600X on the screen. In microscopes where the magnification through the eyepieces is equal to that on the screen the result is that the cells appear smaller on the screen .This is not ideal because you’ll have to use the 100X objective to get close enough to the cells to assess them properly. Usually the 100X objective is not as clear as the 40X objective and requires oil (which means you’re not able to switch back and forth between 40X and 100X, making the analysis process quite difficult. The added benefit with the higher on-screen magnification of our system is that a massive 4000X magnification is achieved on the screen when using the 100X objective.

Our Range

Our range of blood analysis microscopes is laboratory-grade research microscopes that feature high-quality optics and superior build quality for unparalleled durability.

We are the only blood analysis equipment supplier that offers a 2-year warranty on our systems.

Our systems have been designed to be especially suitable for all applications in the analysis of live blood. They can be used in both brightfield and darkfield viewing of blood samples and due to the customized illumination and optical system offer a high degree of brightness and clarity.

We’ve designed them so that they’re easy to use, so you aren’t distracted from doing the analysis by having to constantly change settings on your microscope.

The systems are also sold with an image management system that allows one to capture and save the blood images on one’s computer.

We have five options to choose from, designed to suit every need and budget:

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Complete turnkey package

Complete Turnkey Live Blood Analysis Package

The most popular choice for those new to live blood analysis as it provides you with the best tools available to get your live blood analysis business off the ground.

Combines our top of the range microscope system (the HDMI-LED microscope) with our best training course (the 12-week LBA online course). Get fully-supported interactive training with the microscope that has the best features for live blood analysis.

HDMI-LED package

HDMI-LED Package

The LED illumination blood analysis system with the high-definition HDMI-USB camera.

SD-LED Package

The LED illumination blood analysis system with a standard resolution camera.

HDMI-50W Package

The 50W halogen illumination blood analysis system featuring a high-definition HDMI-USB camera.

SD-50W Package

The 50W halogen illumination with a standard resolution imaging system.

Please Note: Laptop and monitor not included.

We are very competitively priced. If you compare apples with apples you’ll find that other systems can cost up to twice as much as our systems.

We’re so serious about this that we include a “BEST PRICE GUARANTEE” with each of our blood analysis systems. If you can find it cheaper elsewhere we will beat the price!

Here’s 10 reasons why our systems are superior:

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10 reasons why our systems are superior:

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1. Convenience

it is easy to set up, transport (if needed) and operate. We make use of high-end dry objectives, with additional magnification through the photo tube. This means that most of the analysis is performed with a 40X dry (so no oil immersion) objective. Not using any oil with the 40X objective means that you are able to switch safely between different levels of magnification without having to clean oil from your objectives and sample. Only the specialised, high-magnification work is performed with the 100X oil objective.

2. Reliability

These microscopes are constructed from high quality, durable materials, ensuring a high degree of reliability and a minimum amount of downtime. Many cheaper brands save costs by using inferior materials, which result in excessive wear and tear of the essential components, ultimately resulting in the microscope breaking down and requiring extensive repair. Some brands even utilise cast iron to manufacture the gears in the focusing mechanism, which can wear and break very easily.

3. Easy maintenance

The standard system comes with 5 objectives, giving the user the various levels of magnification required for all the techniques in blood analysis. There is no need to purchase additional objectives to be able to perform the full analysis.

4. For live & dry blood analysis

The microscopes are specifically designed for live & dry blood analysis: There are no unnecessary features and parts that won’t be used in a live blood analysis session. Many other microscope have additional filters built into the microscope, which result in the practitioner having to check and adjust additional settings to ensure that the system is correctly set up each time for the analysis

5. No need for any add ons

The standard system comes with 5 objectives, giving the user the various levels of magnification required for all the techniques in blood analysis. There is no need to purchase additional objectives to be able to perform the full analysis.

6. No adjustments needed

The camera settings are set up to allow for the different lighting conditions in live blood – brightfield & darkfield (live blood) & dry blood. No adjustments on the camera or its software need to be made between these views.

7. Easy to use

The microscope and software is user-friendly, allowing the user to focus on the analysis of the sample, rather than the operation of the system. Still images can be taken and videos can be recorded with a single click. Images and videos are automatically saved without requiring the analyst to save them individually.

8. High maximum magnification

Our live blood analysis systems are some of the very few that offer a total magnification of 4,000X. Most microscopes are only capable of a maximum magnification of 1,000X, but our systems have a 40X lens built into the video turret. This allows the system to achieve a maximum magnification on the video screen of 4,000X and 1,000X through the eye pieces. Most microscopes that can go beyond 1,000X achieve this by means of a digital zoom in the camera, resulting in a poor quality, pixelated image. The magnification achieved with this system is by means of an additional lens, which provides a high quality, clear image through optical magnification.

9. High quality optics

The optics are based on Nikon specifications and design. The microscope itself is manufactured under strict quality controls in a factory in Japan that has been manufacturing laboratory and surgical microscopes for more than 30 years.

10. Experience

Dr Okker Botha, the owner and director of Neogenesis Systems has personally taught and tutored practitioners since 2001. He has established himself as one of the leading global authorities in live blood analysis and has trained more than 200 practitioners. He is personally involved in the training and technical support, ensuring a high standard in training and after-sales support.