NeoGen X-DM Digital Microcirculation Microscope

NeoGen X-DM Digital Microcirculation Microscope


Capture high-resolution images of the nailfold capillaries with a simple click of a button!

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  • Convenient
  • Compact
  • Wireless (NeoGen X-DM 5MP)
  • High-resolution
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Intensity-adjustable LEDs

The NeoGen X-DM range of microscopes are next-generation digital microcirculation microscopes that are compact, portable, and high-resolution. These innovative microcirculation microscopes are easy to operate and portable. They feature intensity-adjustable LEDs that provides the user with the ideal illumination of the nailfold capillaries.


NeoGen X-DM 5MP:

This microscope features a 5MP resolution and a magnification of up to 200X. It is compatible with all operating systems and offers both USB and WIFI connectivity. The integrated adjustable polariser helps to improve focus on the capillaries and to reduce reflected light. This system includes a specialised microcirculation software package that allows the user to capture and save patient information.

NeoGen X-DM 2MP:

This microscope features a 2MP resolution and magnification of up to 300X. It is compatible with all operating systems via USB.

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NeoGen X-DM 5MP, NeoGen X-DM 2MP