Iridology Scanning Software

Iridology Scanning Software


Iridology Station 5.1 for use with Iridology / Sclerology Equipment. View here

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The Iris-Station 5.1 software package is a powerful iridology analysis and reporting software. It is available as an optional extra and allows users to generate a detailed graphical analysis of the iris, by means of the software’s auto iris-scan function. The graphical analysis is broken down by body system and organ, and further broken down into specific organ areas. The results are saved under the client’s details and can be printed as a professional report.

  • Keep detailed records of your clients.
  • Unique zoom function allows users to magnify parts of the iris for clearer analysis
  • Unique collarette tracing, only available in this application, allows users to trace the exact shape of the collarette, instead of being restricted to mark out a chart using a circular ring. This allows for far more accurate iridology chart overlaying, which improves the accuracy of scanning results immensely.